Week 1 First Day

Oh the lovely first day!!   I remember mine, it was so good, so beautiful, so full of dreams and joy!! *coughs*  Right!!   Who likes first day of school, first day of college, first day of work and how can you survive the first day after a breakup???   First days are terrifying, you are entering uncharted territory and Nathan Drake isn’t with you to guide you and keep you company.  Let’s be honest, no one likes first days…  Except Nemo… And we all know why he like it so much…Totally!!!

To start something new you have to cold cut whatever you were doing until now, old habits, old trends, and all the things you were doing the same way, you have to let them go and start new ones.  But is hard, so hard!  I heard once “You can’t do the same things expecting different results”  And that is totally true, totally awesome and totally worth it!!   Because once you get out of your “comfort zone” everything will start moving…one day at the time!!

But I…I don’t know how am I going to do this!!

Oh My God, how hard it is to start something new!  To just leave everything and start over.  *sighs* Well, that is what I’m going to do today.  Start Over!

I’m starting the “52 Week Drama Challenge” and all I can think right now is…why in heavens I did it?  Huh?


All day long I was..


I have to do this, I need to clean that.  Ohhhhhh I need to read, I need to use the pc…  I was looking like this…

with all this…

And I thought I couldn’t make it today.  Watching the drama episodes, reading and do my “stuff” and “things” I really wanted to say…

But after hearing an emotional “speech” from my self saying that I can’t quit, you are NOT a quitter, I declared


Let’s do this:    


When A Man’s In Love Episodes 1 & 2:
-This drama surprised me.  At first I was hating it (like the first 10 minutes of the drama) then I was loving it.  But at the end I was like what the heck happened?  Since episode 1 is a freaking roller coaster of emotions, moving from total joy and fangirlism to the greatest pain and hate …

Me angry–>  .  You really don’t want to see me angry!  I’m loving it.  Looking forward to the next episodes!

Genesis Book : Chapters 1-3
-The beginning!  When everything was done and humans become a possibility!!

-How our humanity can and try to understand why God do the things he do?

Work out:
-I clean my bedroom…and dance in my room like it was a Samba Carnival!! Yeah, I can dance… I say is dancing, but is more like a bird with a hurt wing! Don’t you dare to laugh!!  Day 2 bring it on!!

I’m just learning to use this freaking thing, is my second blog entry like “EVER” and I really don’t know what  I’m doing…yet!!  But I have 52 weeks to figure it out! So here  we go!! I’m so excited I’m trembling!!   Yay!!!


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