Week 1 Day 2

What a day!!! What a busy, busy day!!! I was going everywhere!!!   I felt like…

I was on the mall doing some “stuff and things” when suddenly I had a -panic attack-… *sighs*  It was awful!! I know I’m not social and my people skills are poor  but man, that was ugly!! I felt helpless and awkward!!

 if you are somewhere and suddenly you feel like can’t breath, start to have nausea, feel dizzy, start sweating, and everything around you feel small… You are probably having a Panic Attack.  Is a serious condition that affect your life.  Please seek help!!



I know, I know, I’m making fun of me and my situation!! What else can I do? Cry? Hell no!!! I don’t want to cry about it! I want to Keep Walking !!!  Even if  I had everything against me!

Okay? Okay!!!

Let’s do this!!


I regret to inform that I did NOT watched episodes 3, 4, & 5 like I planned! OMG the day didn’t have enough time!  My day ends @ 11:59 pm (my time- I really don’t understand the Time Zones!!!) Anything done after that, belongs to the next day and I really, really, REALLY  *in a very creepy voice*  want to stay on schedule!!   So, to compensate the lack of drama watching, I will watch 4 episodes the next day…and the next.  Well, you got the idea!!


Genesis 4-7



-Cain kills his brother Abel…
-Noah builds a huge boat.
-And the first drops of rain fall on Earth!!



Pages 43-83

-My hands are TOO short to fight with God!

Nuff said!!

Work out:
-I dance in my room Salsa and Bachata thinking I was part of Dancing with the Stars and my dancing partner is Mr Lee Dong Wook…

And the fan girl in me is on over drive!!!

Model Mode:

Military Mode:

His Eyes!!!

And the thing that makes me LOVE him the most…His Pornstach!!!

Yeap!!! Nothing left to say than “Hot Dang”!!!!!!!!!!! Am I obsess with him?? Probably!!  Mhahahhahaha

Now get back to work !!!! *whip sounds*


Another one, because I love him!!!  Oppa, “Saranghae”!!

I want to hug you!!


4 thoughts on “Week 1 Day 2

  1. LOL, I don’t blame you for imagining him as your dance partner but you had coke flying out my nose with the pornstashe comment!! Seriously, I should have learned by now to not read your posts or view your GIFs while drinking soda… and yet, I still do. I must be masochistic. That is truly a noteworthy pornstashe ROFL. You kill me. And yet, it still doesn’t take away from the sexiness 😛

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