Week 1 Day 4


My life is..

Resist is futile…

Today was a weird day!! When is not!?!  Change is good.  There is an idiom that says: “si hay cambio hay progreso” = “if there is change, there is progress”.  And there are changes and progress in my life!  ONE day at the time!


How you change? Just make the decision and ACT! I’m doing one thing at the time!  And taking my time doing them! I’m not pushing myself to the extreme, which is bad.  I can’t keep pushing….Sometimes if you push too much, you break it.  I don’t want to be broken anymore! I want to be whole!

So, my sister told me “when are you going to do something with your hair?”
I was like wut??  I don’t know what to do with it!
She says: “okay”

Then she called me saying go to her house; my friend will do SOMETHING with you!!



I go to the house and the person who entered there, and the one who got out it wasn’t the same.  As I was looking to the huge mirror in front of me, I saw someone broken, someone who never thought of her nice thoughts!  Someone who looked miserable…



That amazing woman, she changed my hair color, she make a cut so wonderful to my hair that my eyes were literally sparkling!!   I looked beautiful!   I felt wonderful and extraordinary!!!




Changes are coming, I want them or not! They are coming my way like a tsunami and resist is futile!!  I will NOT resist the changes, I will not fight them! I will embrace them!! Sometimes I try so hard to stay the same…  But I will not do that anymore! I will open my arms and receive the changes like rain drops! If I want to change I CAN’T stay the same!!!


Let’s Get It On!!!


  • I didn’t watch any episode, because I decide to make a marathon of them! I’m doing so much things during the day, that when I want to watch the episodes, my body feels like I was in a middle of tornado…So, marathon here I come!!


  • Genesis 12-16
  • God talks with Abram and promise him a child, saying that Abram will be the father of nations.


  • Pages 124-144
  • Is Jehovah an unjust god?

Work Out:

  • Nope, I didn’t work out!!!  Don’t look at me like that! I’m disappointed too!! *sighs*

Bottles of Water:

  • 5!! Yay!!!!

Changes are frightening, but necessary. Don’t stop them.  If technology doesn’t update it become obsolete!!  Don’t be obsolete…Update yourself!  There is a song from a Spanish singer that says: “antes muerta que sencilla” = “death before being simple”.  If you don’t change you are practically dead, even if you are breathing!!!

I’m learning! to..

Now get back to work! Muahahahaha



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