Week 1 Day 6

I don’t want to do anything!!

That is how I feel right now!!  After walking yesterday, I feel like I was hit by The Tardis!! *sighs*

Inside me there was a Battle of Wills…

Le Me:                                                                                                 Le Me Conscience:

Oh yeah?? Bring it on!!

Do it!!!

The Battle Ended badly.

Le Me:                                                                                          Le Me Conscience:

I’m disappointed .. Le Me Conscience said.

And that was like…It hurts right in the feels…


I just want to sleep with this…so,


  • No episode.


  • Genesis 20-22
  • Isaac is born.


  • Pages 186-226
  • With a firm faith you can stand up to any experience you can have in this live, even when what God is doing doesn’t make sense.

Work Out:

  • None.

Bottles of Water:

  • 8.

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