Week 1 Day 7

But…but I try!!

There are moments in life that no matter how hard you try and give your best…things don’t work out the way you plan them!  There are moments in your life that you have to give up…There is a moment like that, here.  Now.  I’m giving up.  I’m QUITTING!!!


I’m not quitting the challenge, I’m quitting the “marathon drama watching” I had planned for today.  Obviously is not going to work!!  I have a wonderful plan, now the execution of the plan it isn’t working. Hence, new execution of the plan!




  • Mission Objective Failed.
  • I didn’t end the drama “A Man’s In Love”…so, I will be watching it next week.


  • Genesis 23-25
  • Isaac wants to marry!


  • Pages 227-274.
  • I finish the book!
  • “Faith is believing in something you don’t have any proof.”

Work Out:

  • House shores.  I never knew those can be fun! Wait…there is something wrong with me!!

Bottles of Water:

  • 10.


There are things I did well, there are things that didn’t work.  I decided to change the ones that didn’t work!! Besides I have 51 more weeks to make this works!! So no worries!!  I know I didn’t do some things that I had to do, still I’m so proud of myself that I feel awesome!! And I too, pat myself and say “You did good, I’m proud of you.”  Even when no one else does!!  Just like  Eun Seol when she got out of that interview and pats herself saying “you did good”!!!


Angel Fighting!!!




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