Week 2 Day 1

New Day!!

Brand new day, brand new attitude, brand new person…

Ala? Who are you? Who, who? I really want to know!!!

When people told me that I have to go outside my bubble:

but I don’t want to…

What my imaginary friends told me when I say “laters”!!!!

I know Doc, I know!!
But we have to Doc…If we don’t move on we don’t grow!  If we don’t move, we can’t change! And I have to change!!!

Okay Pumpkin!!


Starman.  ~”Kono Hoshi no Koi”

Episodes 1 – 3

Genesis 26 – 28

  • Isaac and Jacob.


Pages 0 – 27

  • The more darker the room is, the more is the necessity of the light.

Work Out:

House Chores.

Bottles of Water:


First you tell yourself what you want to be,
then do what you have to do.

Week 2 (of 52).
Day 8 (of 365).


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