Week 2 The End.

What I have learn?

  • If I don’t do the things I’m suppose to do today…tomorrow I’m not going to do them either!! That is a habit I have to break!

  • No matter how bad I feel, I have to get up and make my bed.  Means, no matter how beat up I feel I have to do something about it! Leaving the things unattended doesn’t “solve” any problems.

  • There is a light…even if I’m surrounded by shadows!

  • Asking for help IS NOT a sign of weakness.  On the contrary is a sign of strength!

  • I need to pray more!

  • My eyes see my shortcomings…My Faith see a Saviour!

  • I’m at a point that I need good advice.  I need help!

  • Carrying my failures and mistakes with me, isn’t going to get me anywhere!

I will not give up.  I look to the heavens.  

I believe.  I trust.  
Christ has proven trustworthy!!

“When a train goes through a tunnel and it gets dark, you don’t throw away the ticket and jump off. You sit still and trust the engineer.”

-Corrie Ten Boom-

Day 4/11 of 365 5/12 of 365 6/13 of 365 7/14 of 365
Drama None A Man’s In Love
Episodes: 4 & 5
None None
Bible Genesis 34-36 Genesis 37 – 39 Genesis  40 – 42 Genesis 43-45
Book 58-77 77- 118 120 – 171 172-201
Work Out None House Chores None None
Bottles of
3 5 4 5

I know buddy…but we HAVE to do it!!


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