Week 3 Day 1

Crash & Burn

Watching the tv series “Castle“, in which they played  “Lifehouse‘s Crash & Burn

I started to think about those moments in my life, when I, I have crashed and burn. Not  literally.  I mean when I have taken a left instead of a right, and got lost somewhere only God knows…  

 Those times when I have make bad choices with horrible consequences…

Or those times I put myself out there and got myself set on fire!!!

After all that I have learned a few tricks like:
Some rules are meant to be broken.  
I can change myself.  
I can adapt.  
I can move on.
I can let go.

And of course I can set fire to the rain.

burn heart 2

Who are you
Episodes 1 – 3

Genesis 46 – 47

0 – 27

Work Out: 

Bottle of Water:


Just for Laughs!!

Le Other: You just got

Le ME:
 Le Other

Le Me:

Le Me:  HUH??? I don’t get it!!!

Le Other:  “You and me pal, you and me!!!”

Week 3 of 52.
Day 15 of 365.


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