Week 3 The End.

Another week went by…

Every week I go from phase to phase like a hurricane.  At the beginning of every week I start taking charge and control of the situation:

Then something happens.  Things always happens, Expect the unexpected:

I keep telling myself “Hang in There”:


And at that moment I ask for help…very desperately:

Then I just breath and relax…without any worries… Why I even worry, I know I can do this!!!  In fact I’m freaking do in IT!!

“I can do all this through HIM who gives me strength
Philippians 4:13 (NIV)

A relaxing hot bath always help!!!  *giggles*

Yes, indeed!!!

What I have learned:

  • Procrastinating doesn’t work…
  • I can make a plan, but that doesn’t mean it’s going to work.
  • I can fail, it is okay.  That is not going to kill me.  Now giving up, that is NOT an option.
  • Letting the things I can do at the moment for later, is just asking for headaches.
  • Don’t let things clutter…it will get on your (my) nerves and then you don’t want to do anything!!

“Clutter is one of the telltale signs that somebody is NOT in control of their life”
~ Kyan Douglas @ QE

Day 3 (D17) 4 (D18) 5 (D19) 6 (D20) 7 (D21)
Drama 6* 7 – 12* 13 – 17* None None
Bible Exodus
1 – 4
5 – 7
8 – 10
None Exodus
11 -16
Book None None None None None
None House Chores House
Paint my
Clean &
of Water
4 3 5 8 6

* Drama Who Are You? 2008 it only had 17 episodes.

Week 3 of 52.
Days 17 – 21 0f 365.


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