Week 4 The End.

I don’t feel well…

This whole week I have been feeling a little off.
The thing I didn’t know I had a cold seeking refuge in my body…
I didn’t do any of the things I said I would do.
I try, but didn’t do it.
So, I will move on!!!!

My head feels...
My Body Feels...
Even when I want to feel free...
But in reality ...
This resumes everything:


What I have learned:


  • Being sick..sucks!!

  • Now I know how Piñatas feel.

  • Medicine taste yuck!

  • Trying to do the things I want to do when my body feel beaten…not a good idea!!

  • I need to keep pushing myself. But I need a break too!

  • Hot water with honey works!

  • A Drama Marathon works too!!


Week 4 D 5 (D26) D6 (D27) D7 (D28)
Drama Zettai Reido
None None
Bible None Exodus 31 – 34


Exodus 35 – 40
Book None -How to Walk In The Supernatural Power Of God-
0 – 44
Work Out None “Stuff and Things”


Bottles of Water 3 3



I feel you bro, I feel you!!!!

Now, back to bed!!!


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