Week 5 The Beginning.


Roses are red,
Violets are blue,
I can’t smell
I curse you cold!!

 I still feel like a Piñata!!

I’m like this

But I feel like this

and I really want to be like this:

Hit it:


Lets see if I finally end this one!


  • Leviticus 1 – 23


  • Guillermo Maldonado -How To Walk In The Supernatural Power Of God-
    Pages 45 – 253
  • Rick Warren –The Purpose Driven Life
    Chapters  1 – 7
  • This book is a journey, is divided in 40 chapters one per day and has been years since I try to read it, but never end it! I know this time I WILL end my 40 days journey!!


Week 5 D1 (D29)
Drama None
Bible Leviticus
1 – 4
Book Purpose C-1
To Walk P. 45 – 63
Work Out Piñata
Bottles Of Water 3

Week 5 of 52.
Day 29 of 365.


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