Just You


I just ended the Taiwanese Dama Just You.  And I love it.  I have to be honest there were times that I got frustrated and start to pull my hair… This happened:


Yup. Soon I started to lose my mind! But who can blame me? They are just too cute!

images (1)

images (3)























Then there is Jia Yu…

jy 1

Remember that face!!

And there is an Angel…

No,  no one of those ^^ don’t blink!

I was talking about Dean!!

deandean w









oh God!!  I just love everything about him!


There are other couples and side stories that melt your heart and make you giggle… and sometimes wanted to slap some sense Leroy Jethro Gibbs Style. It happens!!!



Is worth watch it. Yes.

I enjoyed, laughed and cried.  Sometimes things didn’t have logic, but in Dramaland, logic doesn’t exist!!





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