Week 3 Day 2

When a Wolf falls in love with a Sheep…

As I was watching Master’s Sun & When a Wolf Falls in Love WIth a Sheep with both of them having a wolf and a sheep that at the end say “eat me” story.   I start thinking that opposites do attract…well at least on dramaland!  In real life, does that happens?  I can say yes it happens!! I witness every day in my house!

In my house there are lions, zebras, sheeps and wolfs! I think I’m in a freaking safari!!  Some fight for freedom, some fight for power some fight for food!  I fight for my right to sleep under the tree!!   Oh yes, I sleep under the sky watching the stars!! Nope, I don’t sleep naked…I want to but I can’t…

As for the sheep who wants to be ate by a wolf, if that wolf is like Master or Representative Cha I would definitely yell “eat me” or “I want to be your soccer ball” or “can you be my miracle?“!!

I will definitely say oh YES!!  With an

in my mouth!!

This means that we can change, we can adapt we can move! And that is extraordinary!! Changes keep coming!!!



  • Who Are You  Episodes 4 – 5


  • Genesis 48 – 50


  • Pages 28 – 58

Work Out:

  • Mix of Zumba + Salsa

Bottles of Water:

  • 2


And I want to say Ahhhhhhhhhhh!

Week 3 of 52.
Week Day 2 of 7.
Day 16 of 365.


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